Why using proper Agile stories is important

I’m currently working with a very large American bank, implementing Agile. I began here late last March, and almost the first meeting I attended was to agree the statuses required by the Product Owners to track their stories. We probably needed about half an hour, plus (given that we are using Jira) about 20 minutes to implement the entire ‘story’.

Quickly, the conversation spiralled off into listing every status anyone could want to track status – Product Owners, senior management, test leads – you name it. They were trying to save time later, of course, by looking at status tracking in the round. A typical waterfall requirement, I thought – and certainly no Agile story. In fact the basic Agile story model – ‘As a Product Owner, I want to track story statuses, so that I can see where my requests are making progress – went completely by the board.

Of course, we never finished – that day or since. In fact today we went around a familiar old topic one more time: project statuses. More than three months later!

Stick to Agile, but do it properly. The ideas are not just nice-to-haves – they’re there for a reason!

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