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Would you like to earn $50-$5,500 for simply bringing a new client to Agile201? Then welcome to the Agile201 Associate Programme.

Why join the Agile201 Associate programme?

Three basic questions

Are you a freelance Agile consultant? Trainer? Coach? If you are, we’d guess there are three questions that are almost constantly on your mind:

  • How can I expand my brand?
  • How can I help my clients make Agile truly sustainable?
  • How can I generate new and recurring revenue streams?

If you’d like answers to these questions, you should think about becoming an Agile201 Associate.

So how does becoming an Agile201 Associate help you answer the three questions? Well…

  • How can I expand my brand?
  • By pointing your clients to Agile201, you extend and diversify your offering.
  • When your clients realise the benefits Agile201 offers, they will remember who told them about it, appreciate your advice and be even more likely to invite you back.
  • How can I help my clients make Agile truly sustainable?
  • Most Agile implementations involve consultants, coaches and training. They’re all indispensable tools for getting Agile up and running, for firmly embedding Agile in the organisational culture and adapting Agile to local needs and circumstances.
  • Yet the durability of consultancy, coaching and training can be quite limited: even a few weeks after the last coach has departed, the scope and accuracy of the development team’s grasp of Agile is typically slipping.
  • By providing them with a long-term ‘backstop’ of a permanent methodology, you offer them a powerful tool for consolidating, extending and Agile.
  • How can I generate new and recurring revenue streams?
  • As soon as your client subscribes, you receive 20% of their subscription.
  • And every time they renew their subscription, you receive 20% of that too – even long after you left!
  • And if they expand their subscription, you receive 20% of the higher fee too – again, even if you’ve done nothing to expand it!

What flavour of Agile is Agile201?

Agile201 really is a fully fledged Agile methodology – full-scale, end-to-end, full-spectrum, industrial-strength – so you can rely on it to make you look good.

We don’t expect you to take our word for it – just come to and ask for a free walkthrough. You’ll see how it all works, and how it could work with your own offerings.

(For more on how building an alliance between consulting, training, coaching and methodology helps make Agile more sustainable, click here.)

But one question we’re often asked about Agile201 – and it could affect your own decision about becoming an Agile201 Associate – is ‘What flavour of Agile does Agile201 use?’ After all, it would be difficult for you to recommend a methodology that contradicted the advice, training or coaching you’ve just given your clients!

But don’t worry – Agile201 is designed to provide as generic an Agile approach as possible.

  • Our aim is to be supportive to our users, not prescriptive.
  • We believe Agile201 is 100% compatible with all basic Agile models – Scrum, XP, and so on – without forcing any of these models on our users.
  • Where we perceive gaps or conflicts we have identified simple workarounds and alternatives we’re confident no real Agilist would object to.
  • Nor do we advocate obscure methods or join in any of the often ugly and aggressive debates that characterise discussions of Agile online.
  • It’s just good, solid Agile practice.

So your clients will be in safe hands. And so will your reputation.

How does the programme work?

The Agile201 Associate programme is a simple arrangement that lets you earn a fee for simply bringing a new subscriber to Agile201.

How does it work? Simple:

  • You persuade a client to subscribe to Agile201.
  • Then, every time that subscriber pays us, we pay you!

Pretty straightforward, yes? We can also provide you with a great deal of support in developing clients:

  • We’ll happily walk your client through Agile201 and answer any questions they may have.
  • We have a mass of materials you can use for introducing Agile201 to your clients.

So how much could you earn from becoming an Agile201 Associate? Basically, you get 20% of every payment made by a subscriber you introduced to Agile201. How much is that altogether? Well:

  • If your client buys a month’s subscription for a team of 7, they pay $250. So you get $50. A nice piece of pocket money, made even nicer when they renew their subscription next month, when you get another $50.
  • If your client buys a year’s subscription for a team of 100, the subscription costs $27,500. So you get $5,500! And suddenly ‘a nice piece of pocket money’, turns into a real revenue stream.
  • If they go from a small subscription to a larger one, we pay you 20% of whatever they pay us. So, using the above example, if they start with a $250 subscription but move on to a $27,500 subscription, you now receive $5,500, even if you didn’t do anything to make them grow their subscription!

Here are a few extra details about payments:

  • All payments are based on the subscription price excluding VAT/sales tax. So if the subscription is $1,000 plus tax, you receive $200.
  • You get paid as soon as we get paid. If a payment to us is delayed, so is the corresponding payment to you.
  • The amount of your commission depends strictly on how much we are actually paid, not on the ‘normal’ or ‘nominal’ price.
    • For example, from time to time Agile201 may have special offers or make special arrangements with subscribers, leading to discounts and reduced subscriptions.
    • Where this happens, your commission will be based strictly on the amount we are actually paid for the subscription, not its nominal price.
    • For example, if Agile201 agree a subscription price of $1,000 for a subscription that is normally priced at $1,500, your 20% commission is based on the $1,000 we are actually paid, and comes to $200, not $300.
    • However, if the subscription is renewed and the price returns to $1,500, your share (commission) for the second subscription payment will be the full $300.
  • If at any point the subscription fails (it’s not initiated, it’s cancelled, payments fails, the client allows their subscription to lapse, etc.), your payments stop too – so it’s very much in your interest to persuade them to continue.

How do I become an Agile201 Associate?

If this sounds like an interesting proposition, just click on the next tab – it will tell you what you need to do next.

How do I become an Agile201 Associate?

Above all else, we want you to be completely comfortable as Agile201 Associates.

Before you start

We value our Associates as colleagues and people, not just sales pipelines, so here are a few things to think about before you become an Agile201 Associate:

  • Make sure you really understand Agile201.
    • Go to the Agile201 landing page and click on the What is Agile201? menu. Got it? Now make sure you also understand the case for Agile201 by watching the videos under the Why choose Agile201? menu.
    • We’re happy to give you a detailed, hands-on walkthrough of Agile201 as a whole – just contact us via the Feedback page and we’ll set something up.
  • Consider carefully the implications of becoming an Agile201 Associate:
    • In particular, if you are an employee of the organisation you plan to recommend Agile201 to, consider the legal issues (summarised below).
    • Think about the cost/benefit ratio – is Associateship really worth your while?
  • Make sure you understand the relationship between Agile201 and our Associates in detail:
    • Read the Agile201 Associates Agreement.
    • There will also be an extra agreement called the Service Proposal, which is our actual sign-off of your Associateship.
      • The Service Proposal is usually just a vehicle for getting each other’s signatures to the arrangement.
      • But sometimes it may include small changes or extensions of the basic Agile201 Associates Agreement.
      • This will not happen unless we have already discussed the change (e.g., via the Feedback page, email, and so on).
    • If you have any questions, again contact us via the Feedback

Please contact us via the Feedback page if you’d like to discuss this.

Becoming an Associate

To become an Agile201 Associate, Email us (at Agile201 at, giving:

  • Your full name.
  • Your contact details (to be used in all correspondence and transactions):
    • Business email.
    • Business phone.
    • Business postal address.
  • Your business area (so we minimise interference between Associates).
    • Industry sector(s).
    • Geographic region(s).
  • Your VAT/sales tax status:
    • If your business is located in the United Kingdom, please tell us your international VAT number (GB…).
    • If you are located in the EU but outside the UK, EU VAT is handled under the ‘reverse charge’ mechanism, so we don’t need anything from you.
    • If located outside both the UK and the EU, no sales or value-added tax is normally payable on your referral fees, so again we don’t need anything from you.

After reviewing your details, we will prepare a formal Service Proposal setting out detailed terms and conditions for your signature.

From the moment the ink is dry on oth our copies of the finalised Service Proposal, you are an Agile201 Associate!

Are you an employee?

It’s crucial that you make sure that you are legally permitted to receive a fee for bringing an organisation to Agile201. In particular, if you are an employee of the organisation you plan to recommend Agile201 to, this may be a problem.

  • In some legal jurisdictions, it could create a conflict of interest.
    • This may create a problem with your employment contract.
    • It may also make you ineligible for payment by Agile201.
  • In some legal jurisdictions, it could even be bribery – a serious offence.
  • There may also be other legal issues.

Agile201 can’t provide legal advice, cannot know whether your actions create a contractual or legal issue, and will not be liable if they do – so please make sure of this yourself.

When you recommend us

If one of your clients is planning to subscribe to Agile201, make sure that they tell us you recommended us to them – explicitly!

  • We can only pay you if we have good reason to believe that you were the reason they came to us.
  • By and large we will always tend to interpret this favourably.
    • It’s not likely to be just a coincidence that you were one of our Associates when they decided to subscribe to Agile201!
  • But this is a lot easier if they mention you by name.
  • To make this easier, we have included a place in the spreadsheet they fill in to name the individual members they want to include to name you too. Please remind them to use it!
  • In case of doubt (e.g., you tell us you brought them to Agile201 but they don’t mention you), we will check directly with them before paying you.

The Agile201 Associate Agreement

Click here to see the current Agile201 Associates Agreement.

If you have any questions about it – or anything else to do with becoming an Agile201 Associate – please contact us via the Feedback link above.

The Agile201 Team

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