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Continuous Delivery is a huge topic.

What is more, it is not one that can be explained in terms of a simple process – do this, then do this…

This is for two reasons:

  • Until you reach a state of advanced maturity, there is no simple ‘right way’ to go. Although your organisation’s goals for Continuous Delivery are probably similar to those of other organisations, your current state, your priorities and your agenda probably are not. So it would be unrealistic – and not very helpful – to attempt to describe it as we have other Agile practices, tools and techniques.
  • When you have reached a state of advanced maturity, this is also no standard process, because ‘doing Continuous Delivery’ then consists of ‘Press that button there. Done’.

So instead we offer a number of Agile201 Briefing Papers on how to approach Continuous Delivery. These papers can be found in the pages listed to the right. We hope they provide you with enough advice to get going with Continuous Delivery. If not please tell us what else you’d like to know.

The Agile201 Team

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