Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions2018-02-17T20:02:56+00:00
Help! Agile201 is broken!2018-02-17T00:09:29+00:00

We like to keep Agile201 up to date. So, as well as a programme of major releases, we are continuously making other small improvements. This means that literally any part of the site could be changed at almost any time.

Unfortunately this creates a problem. Like other websites, part of our strategy for making as fast as possible is through caching. If you’re not familiar with caching, it means that our website tells your browser to keep copies of various files (images, styles, text, etc.) on your local machine, so that the next time they’re needed they can be fetched from your machine in practically no time at all, rather than from a server on the internet, which may be a long way away.

And that’s the problem. If we put a change on our servers but the change involves a file your browser thinks it should getting from its own memory, the next time that file is needed, a copy of the obsolete old will be used instead of the bright shiny new one.  And unfortunately we can’t force your browser to look for the new copy on the server.

Fortunately, though, you can. There are generally two methods:

  • For the current page you can force your browser to bypass its cache and fetch a fresh copy of the file from the server.
    • Exactly how you do this depends on your browser. For example:
      • For Windows or Linux, you press Ctrl-F5.
      • For Mac OS X, you press Shift-Ctrl-F5.
      • For other browsers and operating systems, click here.
  • If you are having problems with more than one page, you can also flush your browsers entire cache.
    • Think carefully before choosing this option. Not only will it flush the cache for the current page and for as a whole, but it will also throw away the files for all other sites too. Indeed, depending on the options available and your choices, it may also remove other site-specific data such as logins, etc.
    • For detailed instructions see your browser’s help system, or click here.

If that doesn’t fix the problem, click on Feedback and we’ll see what we can do.

The Agile201 Team

Can I be charged in another currency please?2018-02-02T23:27:19+00:00

All Agile201’s prices are in US dollars. However, as you go through the subscription process you can choose to see the equivalent amounts in Euros (€), pounds sterling (£) and a variety of other currencies. Just select the relevant ‘radio button’ under the US dollar price.

When you read these converted prices, please bear in mind that our ‘base’ currency will remain US dollars. That is, the final amount charged will be in US dollars, not the amount you see it converted to. So it’s important to understand how our base currency is translated into the final price you see on your bank or card statement.

  1. Conversion rates are provided by the Open Exchange Rates project. We add nothing.
  2. Although we are confident that the conversion is fair, we recommend that you treat the converted price solely as an indicator, not a totally precise figure:
    • Conversion rates are generated in real time.
    • However, we have no control over several other factors that determine the final price you see on you card or bank statement:
      • We charge no fees for conversion, but your bank or card provider may do.
      • Your bank or card provider may use a different conversion rate.

If you have any other questions, please contact us via the Feedback page.


The Agile201 Team

What flavour of Agile is Agile201?2018-02-17T00:10:55+00:00

One of the best things about Agile is that it starts from a quite different place from other lifecycles and methodologies.

Where waterfall, project management methods and other approaches start from a set of rules, Agile starts with the assumption that the people who are using Agile are intelligent, disciplined, motivated professionals. As a result, what they need is not instructions on how to do their job but a toolset they can use creatively.

In other words, where other approaches are prescriptive, Agile is supportive. 

One important result of this philosophy is that there is no single thing called Agile. Not only are there lots of flavours of Agile – Scrum, DSDM, XP, and so on – but all these flavours can – and should – be mixed and matched into whatever recipe the user thinks will work best for them. It’s true that some people are rather zealous about their own specific approach, but this really isn’t a sustainable position.

The other side of Agile is less positive. One reason why there are so many flavours of Agile is that there is no single flavour that does everything an Agile organisation needs. Even for very small teams working in relative isolation, combining different elements – XP or Scrum, perhaps – is almost unavoidable, and even they will usually still need to add a few things.

So at Agile201:

  • We have created a hybrid that we think will cover the vast majority of situations for the vast majority of teams.
  • We have added extensive discussion of the issues surrounding the successful implementation of any flavour of Agile, plus solutions to the problems these issues raise.
  • We have included wide-ranging discussions and analysis of alternative approaches, so our users always have a clear idea of what other options are available.

We would welcome any feedback about anything about – please tell us if you think we have missed anything important or made mistakes in our interpretations. We have an extensive plan to deliver an even more complete implementation of Agile, and we need to know what our subscribers’ needs and priorities are.

The Agile201 Team

Can I provide training for Agile201?2018-02-17T00:11:35+00:00

It depends on what you mean.

#If …Then …
1You are a subscriber and want to view the training.No problem. You are free to view anything you have access to. Please feed back any thoughts about how we can make it better or more useful to you.
2You are a subscriber and want to train other subscribers (e.g., your team).Certainly. You can run any training you can access in groups of subscribers as well as on your own. In fact we strongly recommend that you do – it works much better.
3You are a consultant or other trainer and want to offer training for Agile201 as a service to your clients.If you’re a recognised affiliate of Agile201 or a consultant with whom we have an explicit partnership, you can present any Agile201 training to which you have access to your clients. Please note:

  • You must ensure that the materials will not be copied at any time.
  • You may not present Agile201 material publicly (see point 5 below for details).

See our Terms & Conditions for more details.

4You want to physically distribute Agile201 training materials.Sorry – at the moment Agile201 training materials may only be accessed by logging on to and viewing them onsite. They may not be distributed separately from the site.

NB. If you find Agile201 materials circulating, please tell us – we will be very grateful.

See our Terms & Conditions for more details.

5You want to present Agile201 training (or any other part of publicly.Definitely not. You may not present any aspect of Agile201 (i.e., the training, any content of the website, or any other element of Agile201) to the general public or groups that contain a substantial proportion of non-subscribers. Note that:

  • This includes presentation by streaming, by linking to any publicly accessible websites (e.g., YouTube), via private channels (broadcast, website, etc.), or in any other way.
  • However, if you contact Agile201, we will be happy to collaborate with you on specialised and bespoke presentations.

See our Terms & Conditions for more details.

If you have any questions about any of these points please contact us immediately.

The Agile201 Team

Can I use Agile201 in my consultancy?2018-02-17T00:13:38+00:00


We see Agile201 as a basic tool not only for organisations using Agile but also as a baseline definition of Agile for consultants supporting organisations who are making their way towards Agile. It’s also an invaluable tool for a whole host of other consultancy tasks, including:

  • Stabilising an existing Agile implementation.
  • Unifying previously diverse approaches across multiple independent teams.
  • Creating a consistent organisation-wide strategy for Agile.
  • Aligning Agile teams with more traditional PMOs, Audit functions, HR departments, and so on.
  • Supporting Agile scaling.

Unfortunately we don’t license Agile201 to individuals. But as a consultant we would be happy to:

  • Take you on a guided tour of the site (or more than one if you need it) – including all the areas that are normally invisible to non-members – so you can judge how you can best make use of it in your consultancy work.
  • Provide you with detailed sales & marketing materials to support any case you want to make for adopting Agile201.
  • Discuss (without any obligation) any specific consultancy issues you have.
  • And perhaps most importantly of all, reward you with a significant fraction of any licensing fees we eventually earn from your client, should they choose Agile201.

For more information on becoming an Agile201 Affiliate, contact us directly.

The Agile201 Team

How do I manage my subscription?2018-02-17T00:15:56+00:00

At Agile201, we know how fast things can change in an Agile team or environment.

So we have designed our subscriptions to be equally flexible.

If your chosen payment method allows it, your subscription will be renewed automatically.

To make sure that it doesn’t take you by surprise and you can change or cancel it in good time, you will receive an email telling you it’s due for renewal.

If your payment method isn’t automatic, we’ll send you a message shortly before your renewal date so you won’t lose access unexpectedly.

The Agile201 Team

We expect an Agile environment to be fast-moving, so we don’t mind if you change the members you include in your subscription.

However, there are a few things to bear in mind:

  • For administrative reasons we limit changes to once a month per subscription (though a single change can include any number of members). Other than that, please feel free to change members as often as you need.
  • To change members, send us an updated version of the original membership spreadsheet and we will make the changes as soon as possible.
    • We can send you a copy if you don’t have the original.
    • Any new users will have set up secure passwords, but this is only the same simple process as the original members used.
  • If you want to remove members without replacing them, just send us an email explaining what you want to do, plus a list (or spreadsheet) of the individuals you want to remove.
    • We will assume that you want to continue with the same total number of members and will be adding new members later.
    • So if you also want to reduce permanently the total number of members covered by your subscription, please email us at [email protected] and we’ll make the necessary arrangements.
  • To add more members than your current subscription allows, either set up a new subscription or email us at [email protected] and we’ll make the necessary arrangements.

The Agile201 Team

You can change almost any aspect of your subscription any time you like.

Changing the number of members

To change the subscription period or the number of members covered by your subscription, simply:

  1. Buy a new subscription for the updated number of members and/or the revised subscription period.
  2. As with any subscription, when you receive your email confirming your subscription, you’ll need to send us a new or updated spreadsheet of members.
    1. If you no longer have the original list, we can provide a copy – just email our Support Team.
  3. In your covering email, remind us that this is really a changed subscription.
  4. As soon as the new subscription begins, we will reimburse you for the unused part of your old subscription.

Changing your payment method

To change the payment method, please contact us directly, and we’ll make the necessary changes when the next payment falls due.

The Agile201 Team

Non-automatic renewals

If you’re using a payment method that doesn’t allow automatic renews (e.g., a bank-to-bank transfer or a cheque), you don’t need to do anything to end your subscription: it will terminate naturally at the existing expiry date. Until then you can start using Agile201 again whenever you want.

Automatic renewals

If your subscription is set to renew automatically, just tell us you want to cancel and we will turn off the automatic renewal.

Unless you tell us otherwise, we will assume you want us cancel your subscription and all your members immediately.

Retained data

Unless you tell us otherwise, we may retain some information about your subscription, member and organisation, to help us to analyse our overall subscribers’ needs and improve our services.

If you want us to delete all your data immediately, just tell our Support Team.

The Agile201 Team

Is secure?2018-02-17T00:16:25+00:00

We have made every effort to make sure that our website is completely secure:

  • The site is fully HTTPS certified.
  • Our content-delivery network (CDN) provides additional layers of security.
  • No payment information is held on this site – not even while you’re purchasing a subscription.
  • Our hosting service provides a range of security protections, which they seem to be continuously improving. This ensures protection for:
    • User data.
    • Subscription data.

If you have any concerns, please contact us via the Feedback form.

The Agile201 Team

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