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What is Agile201?

Agile201 is three things:

  • A unique online tool providing:
    • A comprehensive Agile methodology and lifecycle.
    • Expert levels of in-depth background, knowledge, options and advice on every important Agile tool and technique.
    • Comprehensive guidance on organising for Agile, from individual roles and responsibilities to Agile teams, right up to the ‘Extended Team’ of external experts, authorities and stakeholders, and the organisation as a whole.
  • A website offering:
    • Process models for every Agile activity.
    • Step-wise details on every Agile practice – flexible enough to support every role and at every level, from Developer to Product Owner and from novice to guru.
    • Detailed implementation notes, risk and issues at every step.
    • A growing resource of research on making the most of Agile.
  • A simple organisation with simple goals:
    • To offer the internet’s very best resource for the Agile lifecycle, methods, tools and techniques.
    • To provide continuous support, improvement and expansion to all our subscribers.
    • To make sure our subscribers get the maximum benefit for the minimum cost.

The Agile201 team

The Agile201 team’s experience covers the whole delivery lifecycle, from coding to consultancy, from project management to implementing Agile in the first place. Our experience goes back more than 30 years, and our customers and clients have included extremely well-known names, from global banks and insurance companies to household names in retail to major consultancies to local and national government – and many others.

Although at Agile201 our primary focus is helping you make best use of the Agile lifecycle, our experience embraces almost every dimension of software engineering:

  • Design, development and delivery.
  • Verification, validation and test.
  • Project, release and product management.
  • Tool design, build and deployment.
  • PMOs, metrics and reporting.
  • Governance and stakeholder management.
  • Quality, maturity and assurance.
  • Training and coaching.
  • Process engineering.

Company information

Company nameAgile201 Limited
Company registration number11029139
Agile201 is a limited company registered in England & Wales.
Registered officeAgile201 Ltd
10-12 London Road
GU34 4EG
United Kingdom
VAT registration numberGB281247112

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