How good is DSDM?

I recently initiated a discussion on LinkedIn entitled How good is DSDM? Although there was (unsurprisingly) a consensus that DSDM was A Good Thing, we were collectively unable to come up with much hard data until Jennifer Stapleton – a past Technical Director of the DSDM Consortium – kindly offered me some data from Xansa (bought by Steria in 2007) and British Airways. Xansa’s data is especially interesting, as it covers a number of clients (including BT) and Xansa was, at that time, the world’s largest DSDM practice.

The gist of the data is that DSDM offers huge improvements in productivity, team size, delivery time and project quality. Here are the basic graphs (not as contemporary as I’d like, but still solid data):

DSDM Data from Xansa
DSDM Data from British Airways

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