Teaching your team to ‘Think Agile’

The take-away One key way Agile is far superior to waterfall and most other methodologies is the equal emphasis it puts on both product delivery and process/ systems/ organisational improvement. Unlike waterfall, improvement is built directly into the Agile process. But it’s important to distinguish between Agile tasks [...]

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Agile as… Anti-Satnav

Both my children moved to north London a couple of weeks back. Much to our astonishment, they're sharing an old Carmelite friary with a dozen assorted friends and strangers. And then yesterday, for the first time, we went to visit them. For various reasons to do with Mother's Day we [...]

Agile as… Surgery

I think it’s safe to say that I’ve had a few unusual experiences in my life. I’ve never hiked to Machu Pichu or surfed down the Congo, skydived onto Mount Everest or prepared and eaten my own puffer fish. But I did have a job once where it was quite [...]

Quality gravity

If you're familiar with models such as Kano diagrams, which provide a more sophisticated approach to modelling products and requirements, you've probably also come across the notion of Quality Gravity. It's a simple concept: as time passes - and, typically, as technology advances and markets mature - what was once [...]

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Pair programming

A good paper on pair programming from Laurie Williams,  of North Carolina State University here. It is very telling on both the nature and the value of this practice, and emphasises two aspects of it that I feel have yet to be appreciated. Firstly, pairing is a practice that can be reused all [...]

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Is testing QA? Is QA testing? Only in Agile

In answer to both questions: No. Not even slightly. Well, not usually. Over the last few years, 'quality assurance' seems to have mutated (in some people's minds) into a synonym for testing. Mostly this is nonsense, at least as far as the traditional project/ development environment is concerned. Traditionally testing [...]

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