Process and method

Working software or working solution?

If there are any words that describe Agile's ultimate goal, they are surely 'working software'. As the Agile Principles themselves put it: "Working software is the primary measure of progress." Not that all software development methodologies aren't aiming at the same thing. But Agile is unique on keeping the focus [...]

Teaching your team to ‘Think Agile’

The take-away One key way Agile is far superior to waterfall and most other methodologies is the equal emphasis it puts on both product delivery and process/ systems/ organisational improvement. Unlike waterfall, improvement is built directly into the Agile process. But it’s important to distinguish between Agile tasks [...]

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Agile as… Anti-Satnav

Both my children moved to north London a couple of weeks back. Much to our astonishment, they're sharing an old Carmelite friary with a dozen assorted friends and strangers. And then yesterday, for the first time, we went to visit them. For various reasons to do with Mother's Day we [...]

Agile is undead

Just in case you were under the impression that Agile is intended to be a simple alternative to humungous bureaucratic nightmares of various kinds, along come Deloitte with their terrifying vision of Agile 3.0 (right-click to expand). Looking at their very pretty little diagram, it's not hard to conclude that: This [...]

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10 ways stories aren’t like requirements

It's easy to make Agile fail at the first hurdle: the story. Too many organisations seem intent on sneaking requirements back into the picture. So, very briefly, here are 10 ways stories are different from - in fact opposed to - requirements. Difference So... 1. Stories describe complete units of valued capability – [...]

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Pair programming

A good paper on pair programming from Laurie Williams,  of North Carolina State University here. It is very telling on both the nature and the value of this practice, and emphasises two aspects of it that I feel have yet to be appreciated. Firstly, pairing is a practice that can be reused all [...]

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Do Agile titles matter?

I'm currently implementing Agile at a large American bank. We're just getting to the point where we map what Agile means against what they currently do, so we can identify the real nature of the changes Agile calls for. One issue that has already come up - as it always does - [...]

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