12 Agile Corollaries

Everyone in Agile knows the 12 Agile Principles (I hope). Here are 12 Agile Corollaries to those principles. Not one-to-one, not in any order, not complete, but still…

  1. Agile is only suitable for disciplined, experienced & responsible professionals. Not just anyone. Even preparing for Agile can be a big job for many organisations.
  2. Minimal formal structures (events, reports, etc.) – ideally none. So Agile is a revolution in the way the entire organisation works – not just the Agile team. PMOs, senior management & business all need to be on top of this!
  3. All decisions are made extremely quickly – SLA of 15 minutes for acknowledgement. Yes, this means you!
  4. Defer detail until you really need it. Do barely enough, do it just in time. They won’t like it, but perhaps they’d prefer the 40%-100% waste & rework they used to get with waterfall.
  5. User engagement is fundamental. Lots of it, every day. So no, they can’t carry on doing their day job. Just get used to it!
  6. Everyone’s involved in everything. Because they all know stuff, they all have opinions, & one of the key reasons we failed in the past was that we ‘hired the best’ & then ignored what they knew.
  7. Product Owners are on hand every day. Like users. So yet more delays, mistakes & games of Chinese whispers are avoided. Hooray!
  8. Timeboxing takes precedence over scope. Would you prefer 80% today or 100% never? That’s always been the real choice, so now we’re going to choose sensibly.
  9. Work should be very tool-driven. They’re powerful, their cheap, their effective, their reliable, they work all night. And they free up human beings for what they’re good at – creativity, innovation, adaptability. And building more tools.
  10. Developers test constantly. Literally line-by-line. And not just code – they challenge everything you’re thinking of doing. Wallow in it – they’re pretty smart & can make you a fortune.
  11. Engineering quality takes precedence over application speed. Because if you leave a bug in today, there will be 3 tomorrow. And 10 the day after, and… And we work better if we’re allowed to behave like the engineers we are.
  12. Success is everyone’s job. Everyone’s. And every dimension of success. So expect a lot of noise – but also an amazing level of achievement. Welcome to Agile!

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